Dr. Fred M. Timmermans, MSc (dent), HonMANT(NL)


Image courtesy Straumann

Dental Implants Safe?

In 1965 Professor Per Ingvar BrÃ¥nemark placed the first titanium dental implants into a human volunteer, a Swede named Gosta Larsson. Now more then four decades later, millions of dental implants have been placed with an average succes rate of 95%. 

 Since 1987 Dr. Fred M. Timmermans has had the experience in his practice that with healthy non smoking patients the succes rate is near 99%. That shows that implants are safe and the longest lasting dental treatment that you can be offered. Your health is important. Implants can be a great solution for people with health problems such as gum disease. 


Ok, you have one or more missing teeth or teeth that need to be extracted.

They may be replaced with a partial denture, bridge.

Please tell us how many teeth you want replaced by implants: