Dr. Fred M. Timmermans, MSc Dent, TSVI NL


Cosmetic dentistry implants

In recent years implantology has become an integral part of dentistry. Since the emphasis is more and more towards cosmetic dentistry, the demand for esthetic implants is high. And this is still an evolving part of implantology. When a tooth is extracted, the first thing that happens is that the bone that supported  it starts shrinking. With this bone the gum starts shrinking. The longer the patient waits, the more difficult it becomes to create a nice gumline that looks good and healthy. That is why it is important to know if you can see this gumline (at the place where you want an implant) when you laugh or smile. When possible let some one else check this for you, or look at photographs of yourself smiling. 


To be more precise with the information and quote we need to know:

Can you see the gumline of this missing tooth when you smile?

Yes, I can see the gumline when I smile

No, I can not see the gumline when I smile